Can I change my size after I placed my order?

If you want to make changes to your processing order, please view the form below to see which kind of changes your changes belong to. If your changes needs our customer service to give your a quotation, please send email to and we will inform you the alteration cost. For the changes which need alteration fee added, please finish the payment with the following links( instructions of using the links are below the form):
Link 1:
special-link-for-making-up-price-difference-p-1872.html(Price Unit: US$1.00)
Link 2:
special-link-for-making-up-price-difference-p-2834.html(Price Unit: US$100.00)

Instructions to use the above payment links:
1) If your special payment is less than US$100.00
You can use link 1-->select the amount you need to pay in the QTY’ box --> Add to Cart --> Proceed to Checkout.
2) If your special payment is equal to or above USD100.00
You can use link 2 --> select the proper amount in the QTY’ box to complete the payment for hundred(s)--> Add to Cart( if your payment equals to US$100.00, click Buy Now button directly to finish the payment) --> then use link 1 --> select the amount for the rest part of the total payment --> Add to Cart --> Proceed to Checkout these two items together

Notice: It is important for you to leave your order numbers or specified special requirements in the Order Remarks box, since your payment will be used according to them.