Make Up Price Difference

These two links are for you to finish any special payment
Link 1:
special-link-for-making-up-price-difference-p-1872.html (Price Unit: US$1.00)
Link 2:
special-link-for-making-up-price-difference-p-2834.html (Price Unit: US$100.00)

Instructions to use the above payment links:

1) If your special payment is less than US$100.00
You can use link 1-->select the amount you need to pay in the QTY’ box --> Add to Cart --> Proceed to Checkout.
2) If your special payment is equal to or above USD100.00
You can use link 2 --> select the proper amount in the QTY’ box to complete the payment for hundred(s)--> Add to Cart( if your payment equals to US$100.00, click Buy Now button directly to finish the payment) --> then use link 1 --> select the amount for the rest part of the total payment --> Add to Cart --> Proceed to Checkout these two items together.

Notice: It is important for you to leave your order numbers or specified special requirements in the Order Remarks box, since your payment will be used according to them.